5 Aug

New Blockchain patent for Verisign

Recently the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Verisign patent number 10,721,060 for Blockchain’s domains.

Blockchain technology for the future
Verisign and Blockchain Technology
For those who don’t know, Verisign is a U.S. company that operates a wide range of network infrastructure, including two of the Internet’s thirteen root name servers. In addition to the authoritative registration for the generic top-level domains .com, .net and .name.

In this regard, the company has obtained a patent that applies to Blockchain technology linked to domain names.

The new patent is entitled “Blockchain User Addresses for Domain Names”. It outlines some of the benefits and technical advantages associated with users using domain names from its DNS system in a Blockchain network.

“Techniques for DNS registration are presented that facilitate the assignment of a registered DNS domain name to a registrant as a blockchain user address in a Blockchain network,” states the patent abstract.

In other words, Verisign’s goal in obtaining this patent is to apply the Blockchain technology so that users can convert traditional domains into a “Blockchain user address” and interact with other participants in the network.

The reality is that several companies are working on discovering how to apply the Blockchain technology to the DNS and vice versa.

“If a registrant owns example.com, they may want to use it as their blockchain user address”. That is, it allows Blockchain participants to use their web presence.

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Track record
The new patent should not take us by surprise. In fact, in 2017 it was reported that Verisign was considering using Blockchain technology as part of a possible new DNS Security Extension project (DNSSEC).

At that time, Verisign was proposing to use Bitcoin Future technology to store digital certificates, public keys or other authentication objects.

Clearly, the contribution of Blockchain technology is very relevant. It ensures that the objects stored in it are immutable, which implies that they would be safe from hacking or other malicious attacks.

So, the idea of using the Blockchain technology in this industry is not new. Will the new usability of the technology be successful? Only time and research will tell.