12 Mar

Germany opts for blockchain technology from Ubirch

Germany opts for blockchain technology from Ubirch for digital vaccination card

The German Ministry of Health has chosen a blockchain system from Ubirch and IBM to implement a digital vaccination card.

The German Federal Ministry of Health has chosen a blockchain system from Bitcoin Cycle provider Ubirch to implement a digital vaccination card, Der Spiegel reported on 9 March.

Blockchain system wins bid

In a competition organised by the Federal Ministry of Health, the concepts of the Cologne-based company Ubirch and the technology group IBM were chosen from among 29 bids submitted. The contract has a total volume of 2.7 million euros.

The Ubirch system relies on a blockchain from Govdigital, a cooperative for government IT, for cryptographic signing, as well as four other blockchains on which the vaccination data will be digitally stored. The apps required for use are to be developed by IBM.

To verify the vaccination, QR codes are to be provided on a plastic card, on paper, digitally via email or app as soon as a doctor has carried out the corresponding vaccination.

The QR code would be generated from personal data such as names, details of the vaccination date, the vaccine used and a random number and stored digitally on the Ubirch system.

In the event of a check, such as when crossing the border, for access to concerts or other places, the QR code can be used to display names and other data and compare them with an ID card. A query on the decentralised blockchain system makes it possible to check whether the person has been vaccinated or not.

According to Spiegel, the Ubirch system is already being used in the districts of Altötting and Zollernalbkreis in Baden-Württemberg and should be operational nationwide in eight weeks.

Blockchain ID for PCR tests

A German consortium of companies around the University Hospital of Cologne, Bundesdruckerei and Lufthansa Industry Solutions is also offering a digital corona test certificate for PCR tests on a blockchain basis.